Meeting Summary

 Many human psychiatric and neurological conditions have developmental origins. Rodent models are extremely valuable for the investigation of brain development, but cannot provide insight into aspects that are specifically human. The human cerebral cortex has some unique genetic, molecular, cellular and anatomical features which need to be further explored. At the winter meeting of the Anatomical Society in 2010 we hosted a symposium focussed on development of the human cerebral cortex cortex (see special issue of the Journal of Anatomy, Volume217, Issue4). At that time a renaissance in the study of human brain development was getting underway made possible by the availability of new techniques, such as generation of human neural stem cells and organoids ex vivo, in utero MRI, and RNAseq and resources such as the Human Developmental Biology Resource and the Allen Brain Atlas. Eight years later, we feel the time has come to review the spectacular progress made since the last meeting. An international cast of speakers will provide insights into the cellular and molecular features of human cortical expansion and evolution, uniquely human features of cortical circuit formation, the development of the subplate in health and disease, and the origins of human cortical malformations, amongst other topics. We look forward to welcoming you to St John’s College for this exciting event.

 Zoltán Molnár and Gavin Clowry 

                    Zoltán Molnár and Gavin Clowry

                   Co-Chairs of the Summer Meeting


The conference will be held at St. John's College, Oxford. 


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Drinks Reception and opening of the Art of Anatomy Exhibition

The drinks reception will be organised at The Barn on Monday, 23rd July between 19.30 to 20.30 hrs.

Student Event- Art of Anatomy Quiz

The student event will be on Monday, 23rd July at 20.30 hrs (after the opening of the Art of Anatomy Exhibition) at the St John's College Bar.

Conference Dinner                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The conference dinner will be held at the college, at the historic and elegant 16th Century Hall.  However this is limited to 140 people, so will be on a first come first booked basis. 




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